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About Debra

Hi, this is Debra -

Imagine..having the Love, Romance and Sex life you've always dreamed of...

I wanted to take a minute and introduce myself...likely you're wondering who "I am" and what I have to teach you about love, sex, relationships, and life.


Well, I'm an attorney, business owner, and professionally trained Love, Relationship, & Life Coach.   I’m also a Wife, Mother of 6 adult sons, ( 2 step sons and 1 adopted son), Mother- in- Law—my grandest ‘credentials’ . 

I've helped hundreds of people transform the struggles in their  lives  through creative Tools and Recipes which actually work to create the life, love, and relationships they actually WANT!

Here is my personal story.

I've been married over 40 years to a 4 different men! (I was on my second divorce by the time I was 32 and had 3 young children!)  The first 3 marriages all seemed to go through the same sort of seemingly ‘predictable’ pattern and despite all the counseling, marriage counseling, self-help books I read, and fancy techniques I tried, I always ended up in divorce court! 

In the ‘Man’ department, I seemed to attract ‘weak men’, ‘irresponsible bad boys’, or men who were not really "available".   After my third divorce, I knew something had to give.  

Instead of simply 'giving up' on my dream of true love, I realized I needed to make some simple, yet profound, changes in myself.  As a result, I discovered powerful tools and developed recipes which completely turned my life around. 


Almost instantly, I met my current husband who fell madly in love and I began living the life I truly dreamed of.  I’ve been married to for over 16 years now. We successfully blended our two families and raised our children together, despite the fact we had 5 teenage sons living with us!    

I am totally committed and passionate about sharing these Recipes and Tools for freedom, happiness and love, through my writing, workshops, seminars, and coaching. 

I want to teach you HOW to do what I did - to actually HAVE the Love and Life you want - but without all the time-wasting trial-and-error I endured.

Imagine having everything you want in your love life.  Imagine getting all of the affection, attention, romance, love, sex, harmony and fun without ever even asking? You can. And it can happen quickly.

Imagine having everything you really want in your professional life, great job, career, money, vacations, without sacrificing your love life’?  You can.  You can have everything you really want in your life and quickly.

It is simple really, it only requires a specific skill set, and a willingness to try a new and true way of "Being".

Imagine being the Star of your very own exciting, successful, and passionate life.   You get to express that passion, and share your soul in words and body language a man can not only HEAR - but that will magnetically attract your ‘leading man’ to you.   He will absolutely want to get closer and closer to you.  You will learn how to use your true voice, words and body language that will make him want to be with you, on every level, as deeply and as much as he can.


Finally, you can STOP ‘doing’, ‘giving’, ‘trying so hard’ and relax softly back into the wonderful life you truly desire.  You won’t have to lift a finger to keep the relationship going. What you'll discover is that you like your man even more than you ever realized.  You'll be able to RECEIVE the love he's giving, and bask in just BEING YOU!

To talk with me about a free "Secret Recipe" Coaching Session, please let me know your situation and what you need to have what you really want. Just write to me here:

I'll help you finally know, step-by-step in detail, how the things you do and don't do make all the difference in your relationships. You'll learn how to express your TRUE FEELINGS with words and body language in a way that builds your ‘inner world’ with the confidence, self-esteem and strength that will FEEL FABULOUS!    I don’t care how long you’ve been together, how many hardships you’ve endured, you CAN have the kind of LOVE, CLOSENESS, SEX, ROMANCE, & FUN you want and deserve. 

But, don't just take my word for it.  Try it for yourself and see just how quickly these Tools and Recipes work for you.  I’m ‘doing life’, just like you are….day by day.  I discover and write about what has worked in my own life and with my clients all the time. 

You can get free insights, Tools & Recipes, advice and even actual scripts from my free weekly e-newsletter.


Or, you can check in with me and see what I'm writing about on my blog anytime.

However, YOU can do it much, much faster than I did, because now you have me to help you, every step of the way.


I look forward to hearing about your own personal experiences and about every step you have taken and every success you experience (I know you will be successful!)



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