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Private Personal Coaching 

I have more than 30 years experience helping men, women, and couples  solve their unique, complicated, personal issues as a practicing attorney, mother, teacher, and business owner.  

Are you struggling with deeply private personal issues, such as difficulties  in your marriage, your sex life, your children, work, or dating, we can fix it and quickly.

If you feel you've 'tried it all' to no avail, I'm not suprised.  


My approach is unique, practical and really quite simple.  It works every time.  Regardless of your current struggle, I have some very simple straightforward tools that will 'fix' it fast.   I promise.


I'm feeling  excited to meet you!  You can book your free "Love Recipe" session with me directly with this Scheduler-->

If you're enduring a love life that's not the one you dream of, if ALL of your life isn't sparking the creativity and joy you deserve and desire, I can help.

- I look forward to meeting you.


In just one session, we'll make major progress that will bring you immediate results.  

If you'd like to write to me (I'll get right back to you) to ask questions or let me know a bit about yourself and your situation - please use this contact form below.

Your first session is completely free- so you've nothing to lose ->

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